Henry's Big Kaboom: a children's sing-along ballad

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Henry’s Big Kaboom – Videos

Watch author Mary sing Henry's Big Kaboom to the children at Fort Ticonderoga. She hauled her ukulele from California to New York for the occasion. The video quality may be poor, but you'll get the idea how this ballad can be sung.

After the launch at Fort Ticonderoga, Mary traces the Henry Knox Trail.

What is the Henry Knox Trail?

In 1926, when our nation celebrated the 150th anniversary of the American Revolution, the states of New York and Massachusetts placed 56 stone markers with brass plaques along the route Henry Knox and his Train of Artillery took from Ticonderoga to Cambridge, Massachusetts — the very story of this book. Did you know that all but two of the original markers are still there? You can find the first one in the middle of the Parade Ground at Fort Ticonderoga. The last one stands facing the Common in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where on January 24, 1776, Henry proudly presented his 'Noble Train of Artillery' to George Washington.

To obtain your own free guide to following this trail, visit the Hudson River Valley Institute web site:


This page in the book shows the Henry Knox Trail and the towns it passes through.